#25: Berry Picking – Blueberries to be Exact

I did it!  I crossed my very first item off of my list…and man did it feel amazing!

25. Go Berry Picking (06/23/12)

The best time of day to go is early…like 7am early.  But Dad had to get his guys started for work at 9, so we didn’t make it out there until 10, and actually picking our first blueberries until 10:15. And man was it hot!!!  Of course we picked the hottest weekend we’ve seen yet this year…with temps reaching 100+!  Not cool. (pun intended)  But we made a memory – Dad, Colt and me.  Dad is used to the heat…working almost every day outside.  But poor Colt is not.  Such a weenie!  I’m not going to pretend I was fine with the heat, but it’s June.  And we’re outside.  Picking berries.  What do you expect? 🙂

We followed the guy’s advice and went to the back of the orange field, taking a right at the windmill.  A lot of it was picked over, but we found a few good spots.  I brought my phone, so we turned it onto the Beatles Station on Pandora.  It was great.  Every few songs Dad would tell me when a song came out…where he was…if he liked it, or whatnot.  I loved it.  And I loved singing along with him.  It might as well have been just Dad and me.  Colt picked some, but he was slow and complainy…expressing his “exhaustion” every 30 minutes or so…and quite often toward the end.  Dad and I tried to figure out where he got it from, cause I’m not usually a complainer.  Mom is not a fan of the heat, so maybe he got that part from her.  As for the complaining part, and not wanting to partake in our adventure, well we’ll just skip who I think he got that from.

About 11:45 Dad found the perfect bush (I guess you would call them blueberry bushes?).  There were tons of clusters of blueberries!


We spent the rest of our time there…and would’ve stayed longer, but had to leave at 12:30 to get back for a birthday party.  I’m not sure how many pounds we expected to pick…maybe 10-15?

Drum-roll Please……………………………………………………24.42 pounds!!!

Dang that’s a lot of blueberries!


(You can’t see, but Dad has a Target bag attached to his beltloop with even more blueberries!)

So, at $2.00/lb and a thing of honey for $5.00, we spent 2 1/2 hours and about $53 on our adventure!  Not too shabby!



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